Web to Print

Making it easy to order, and confidently so, we offer full online ordering capabilities. Your products are hosted securely online, ready to be customized by your users in the field. You set the parameters of use and options with us. We then police everything that goes to the field with your logo. Imagine… consistency across all products, in all locations, all of the time. Take advantage of mass purchase discounts and we will even store, deliver and manage your inventory.

With our help, you and your team can control every aspect of the brand, stocks, products and ordering privileges. All of your remote locations and users have 24 hour access to everything from marketing collateral and window graphics to apparel and POP displays.

See below for a brief list of functionality available to you through our system that helps streamline and strengthen the process of controlling, printing and distributing your branded collateral. We build and manage systems like this for many corporate clients around the country, some with over 1300 retail locations, thousands of cost centers, thousands of users and hundreds of individual products.

System Features
Online catalog for quick navigation to all products
Customizable aesthetics, interface, folder view and product views
Simple, streamlined user interface for easy navigation and reporting
Customize print-on-demand products in seconds from anywhere and submit for approval
Press-ready files generated free for custom items
Full PDF proof available in real-time as user enters variable information
Instant location/phone look-up and population on personalized items eliminating human error
Online templates for quick-launch direct marketing and client retention campaigns
24/7 store access from anywhere
24/7 access to system databases for internal purchasing administrators
Sales, customer service, system administration and trainers all in one place for peak efficiency
On-site production, warehousing and fulfillment of inventory items
Active warehouse transactions with real-time inventory levels by product
Instant inventory overview/snapshot and consumption data available 24/7
Full shipping integration with your UPS or Fedex account
Assign and price multiple product attributes within the same product or SKU
Streamlined, single approval at purchasing. (Not at purchasing and again at accounts payable)
All users have the ability to save a complete shopping cart for quicker reorders
Agreed/Contract Pricing published online
Active pricing calculation for complex products
Automatic Shipping Estimates based on size, weight and quantity ordered
GL coding for all purchases (Associated with user or assigned at order, product or approval)
Change GL code while approving or changing an order
Export Peachtree importable period report for invoice coding
API interface to Peachtree and many other accounting softwares
Ability to create and save custom reports for quick reporting in the future
Pre-modeled reports available to base-level users
Sort report data by any of 62 aspects captured during every order (user, product, locale, etc…)
Pre-modeled reports available to internal purchasing administrators
Sort report data by any of 89 aspects captured during every order (basic + sales & payment data)